PHYSIOGEL™ Shampoo Plus

PHYSIOGEL™ Shampoo Plus is a mild shampoo for cleansing of sensitive scalp, while keeping it moisturised. The cleansing agents in PHYSIOGEL™ Shampoo Plus are proven to cleanse effectively with minimal harm to your scalp. It also contains Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) and other hair conditioners, that attracts moisture to the hair and scalp, providing the hair with a natural gloss and volume.

Studies have revealed that Pro-Vitamin B5 also stimulates skin cell regeneration for healing of the skin and scalp1.

  • Protects and moisturises sensitive scalp Contains Pro-Vitamin B5.
  • Contains no colourants, perfume and preservatives to minimise irritation.


Wet hair, apply PHYSIOGEL™ Shampoo Plus onto scalp and massage gently to generate foam.

Rinse off with cool water.



Keep out of reach of children.

┬╣Refer to Physiogel Shampoo Plus packaging

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